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Got Energy?

Daylight savings time started on March 13, ushering in more light during our waking hours and the gradual transition into spring. Flowers are already blossoming with their fragrances intermingling and delicately wafting through the air. I am already starting to feel this seasonal change by gauging my energy levels. My energy is shifting and picking up, moving from a state of rest and restoration into gearing up for movement and action, a shift from a more introspective period to an external outpouring of energy. I feel this internal shift inside myself, and I usually want to become more active in multiple areas of my life – work, socializing with family and friends, exercise/play, spending time outdoors. How does the seasonal change affect you? Do you notice the internal shift as I do? Do you notice a change in your energy levels?

With the seasonal change, it is natural to feel energy levels rise as less melatonin is created with the increasing light during the day. Serotonin levels can pick up as well, helping to buoy moods during this season. If you are not noticing a natural change in your energy or are constantly fatigued, it may be time to take a look at what is going on. It could be that you have been under stress for a long period of time and your adrenal glands are having a hard time keeping up. It could be a hormonal imbalance, such as thyroid hormone being low, which can affect energy as well as overall metabolism. Perhaps it is a deficiency in B12, a nutrient required for energy, metabolism, and healthy cardiovascular and mental health. Or perhaps a low level of other nutrients such as vitamin D or iron. Are you having consistently low levels of energy? If so, there are many aspects that can be evaluated to find out what is causing the fatigue, whether it’s related to your stress hormones, thyroid hormones, or other nutrient deficiencies.

B12 Shots

From this month on, come in for B12 shots to help give you a boost in energy. First visit will include a short 10-15 minute intake along with the injection. Individual shots are $25 each, and a package of 4 is also being offered for $80 (valued at $100).

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